Cottage Life Magazine – July 18, 2018

“You may remember reading news reports a few years ago about the gruesome murder of a young woman whose remains were found in a crate in a crawl space beneath a cottage in Bracebridge, Ontario… ”

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Federation for Jewish Philanthropy – July 13, 2018

“Trumbull resident and active Federation member Deborah Levison just celebrated the publication of her first book. She offers a glimpse behind the scenes of this unusual work… ”

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Imagine Podcast – July 6, 2018

With host Delilah Jones


Where the Reader Grows – July 6, 2018

“There’s nothing more unsettling than true crime. Read this debut, nonfiction, true account of her family’s discovery… ”

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Two Girls and a Book Obsession – June 26, 2018

“With every personal account, story, and memory that Debbie shares with the power of her pen, we could feel the love, loss and need to share with others. We highly recommend this story to anyone who loves true crime & stories about the Holocaust time period… ”

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Moose FM / My Muskoka Now – June 19, 2018

“A new book by the daughter of the owners of the cottage delves into the feelings of the family that had been unknowingly sleeping above the ad-hoc crypt all those years. Deborah Vadas Levison still recalls the day she got a call from her brother with the disturbing news… ”

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BookTrib – June 12, 2018:

“A few years ago I received a surreal phone call telling me there had been a murder. Whaaaat? A crate had been discovered. It had been hidden on our property. We opened it. And nothing could have prepared us for the horror inside.

My first book, The Crate: A Story of War, a Murder, and Justice, is not a book I expected to write… ”

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Jewish Ledger – June 6, 2018

“In her debut book, Deborah Levison tells the true story of a grisly discovery – and a family of Holocaust survivors forced to confront evil at their doorstep… ”

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Muskoka Online / Hunters Bay Radio – June 4, 2018

“It’s a grim chapter in Muskoka’s history and it’s one that Deborah Vadas Levison knows all too intimately. Now Levison has completed a book on the crime that shook Muskoka and rocked her family to the core… ”

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Vanessa’s Picks – June 1, 2018

“The cottage as safe haven is a quintessential part of Canadian culture. For many, childhood memories are linked to cottage life, the landscape representing a sun-drenched moment, frozen in time. Having immigrated to North America after surviving the Holocaust, for Levison’s family, the cottage is more than simply a retreat from the city. The cottage is a refuge; a symbol of victory over terror. A fortress… ” 

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